Kendra Harder


Kendra Harder (b. 1986) is a composer and guitarist from Saskatoon, SK.  She has recently returned to university to study music and composition. Kendra’s main focus has been on musical theatre and opera, and as her education has progressed, she has begun integrating elements from music history into her compositions, such as 12-tone technique, and jazz harmony.  Her guitar studies with Walter Hofmeister have also influenced her composing, and elements from guitar etudes and repertoire have found their way into her music.

Kendra has studied composition with Dr. Gyula Csapó, jazz arranging with Dean McNeill, and has taken part in composition master classes around Saskatoon led by Allan Gilliland and Shelley Marwood.  In 2018 she will be graduating from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelor of Music.